Five-Year-Old Girl Injuried In Protests As Police Rammed Her Parents Car

On the evening of 11 August, a peaceful protest took place in Grodno. Inna Chereukho with her family got into the stream of honking cars. At some point military vehicles and riot police emerged in front of Inna’s car. A few minutes later, the woman turned around only to see her five-year-old daughter covered in blood.

TUT.BY called Inna just at the moment when she was waiting for the results of her daughter’s CAT scan. The girl’s name is Julia, she is five years old. The woman spent the whole night with her child in the hospital, while her husband was taken by law enforcement officers and were released only in the morning.

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According to Inna, on 11 August the family was traveling from Devyatovka to Olshanka – two microdistricts in different parts of the city. The center of Grodno was blocked, so they decided to go the other way. There, at the roundabout, motorists protested by loud honking.

“Ahead of us were Skoda and a minibus. We got confused when we saw military vehicles in front of us cutting off the minibus forcing it to turn sideways. The husband swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting. But riot policemen ran at us, started smashing a windshield and side windows, mirrors with truncheons. After that, military vehicles drove into us from behind, there was a severe blow,” Inna recalls.

When Inna turned around to check her daughter, she saw the girl was bleeding out.

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“I didn’t understand where the blood came from. It was all kind of a blur. My husband wanted to take us to an emergency hospital right away, it is very close, but people rushed to us and offered a ride. My daughter was crying, she was very scared. The husband’s forehead was cut. The police detained him, took him for investigation, he was released only in the morning,” Inna added.

A doctor stitched the girl up, there was severe tissue damage to her right temporal lobes and a bruise.

“There was a rupture, a lot of blood coming from there. Probably, when the glass flew, one of the fragments hit the head. At the hospital, my daughter asked: ‘Mom, have we been attacked by thungs?'”

Besides, their Passat B3 was taken for examination to an impound lot. Inna is certain that they most likely be fined for driving into the oncoming traffic and for leaving the scene of an accident when her husband tried to bring the child to hospital. She assures that they didn’t participate in protests and didn’t honk, they technically could not do it – their signal was broken.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs made no comment on the incident.

Source: TUT.BY

The text was translated by Veranika Papkouskaya