Five Innovative Startups From Belarus To Watch In 2019

Artificial intelligence, augmented analytics, VR are not buzzwords anymore. Year after year, the tech world is witnessing more and more forward-looking startups making great strides in these and many other directions.

Although the USA is touted as a major hub of startups, Belarusian tech newcomers are not rare in news headlines hailing innovation and digital transformation.

We’ve made up a list of five aspiring startups from Belarus that are worth taking note of right now. An AI-fueled mobile app promoting women’s health, an advanced BI solution set to unify mission-critical data scattered across multiple systems — read on to find out other companies that have proudly taken their place in our roster.

Flo App

Created by a Belarusian IT-businessman Dmitry Gurski back to 2015, Flo is a cutting-edge women’s health platform that boasts 10 million users from more than 200 countries, which puts it in the position of the Health & Fitness app with the largest number of downloads around the globe.

Set to accompany women throughout their reproductive period, the app harnesses the power of AI to accurately predict and track menstruation, ovulation, and menopause, as well as monitor pregnancy.

Flo also has an adept team of Belarusian medical experts engaged in creating an extensive library of educational material about PMS and PMDD, puberty, sex, diet, hygiene, and much more.

The startup has recently closed $5 million in Series A round of funding led by Flint Capital and a number of angel investors, which has significantly accelerated the company’s growth and expanded its US presence.


Headquartered in Minsk, Teslasuit is another startup that is successfully pushing the envelope. Armed with heat control, haptic feedback, motion capture, and biometric feedback systems, the company’s innovative product — created in 2016 by Andrey Chuprin, Dimitri Mikhalchuk, Sergei Nossoff — throws the entire body into an immersive experience.

Simulating a host of sensations — from a feather-light touch to a hard stroke — Teslasuit is not a mere gaming device.

The smart suit can create a simulated environment for training soldiers, pilots, and crisis response teams for highly dangerous situations. Among other industries where Teslasuit brings VR and AR training to a brand new level is manufacturing, sports, medicine, automotive, etc.

A frequent visitor of VR/AR hackathons and meetups, Teslasuit has already partnered with a range of Belarusian companies, including a game developer 4 I Lab. Beyond that, the Belarusian innovative startup won international fame, and Red Dot, CES, and Future Unicorn awards are clear proof.


One more startup on our list is StringersHub, an advanced marketplace that connects freelance videographers and civic journalists — both professional and amateur — with news media looking for exclusive photo and video content.

Called the Belarusian Reuters, StringersHub won a great number of startup battles in Belarus and hit a slew of tech headlines — within just a couple of years.

In 2018, the company headed by Yakau Buta got a $40,000 grant from the Strata Accelerator that helps aspiring startups with Eastern Europe R&D roots expand to the US market. The knowledge and skills gained in this massive campaign have given StringersHub a great leap forward in its mission of addressing the content shortage challenge.

Right now, the startup is developing a mobile app that would allow eyewitnesses to send the footage much faster and live stream from the scene.


FriendlyData — another Belarusian startup that can boast a grant from the Strata Accelerator — was founded by a developer from Minsk Michael Rumiancau with the aim to uncover the full potential of data.

Powered by NLP, the platform enables smart data discovery within an enterprise and provides employees with meaningful insights.

The process of information handling and analysis is highly secure, doesn’t require any assistance from software developers or data scientists, and supercharges decision-making.

A year ago, FriendlyData joined forces with ServiceNow, one of the world’s most innovative companies helping firms automate, digitize, and predict business processes across departments. With such a partnership, FriendlyData plans to bring data analysis to a new level and make it more accessible to non-tech employees.


A breakthrough in the Belarusian fintech industry, GiniMachine capitalizes on machine learning to assess an individual’s default risk. Created by a group of Belarusian tech geeks Dmitry Dolgorukov, Ivan Kovalenko, Yury Zelensky, the company is now an active contributor to the AI ecosystem in Belarus.

Fed with at least 1,000 records of previously issued loans, the system uses a decision tree ensemble method and a deep learning neural network to create a high-performing credit scoring model. Once the model has been built, GiniMachine provides you with a validation report featuring data-driven insights.

The platform easily integrates into any business process and rapidly adapts to changes within a company. Besides, GiniMachine tracks the performance of models and alerts when they need re-training.

Final Words

Flo, Teslasuit, StringersHub, FriendlyData, GiniMachine — the list of startups can be easily expanded.

And you can see it for yourself in Minsk on 4-5 June 2019 at EMERGE conference that brings together most promising startups as well as talent and ecosystem players from the New East region.