FIVE amazing VIDEOS showing why BELARUS is a BLUE-eyed country

It may come as a surprise but Belarus has 11,000 lakes and over 20,000 rivers. Scattered all over the country they form amazing landscapes combined with grassy meadows and green forests. Have a look! 

Braslav Lakes National Park

Braslav Lakes are one of the water jewels of Belarus. Located in the north of the country, this is a region of hundreds of picturesque lakes, primeval nature and  landscape shaped by the Ice Age.

The Blue Lakes of Narochansky National Park

The Blue Lakes are a mixture of hills and water reservoirs that are thousands years old. Over 500 species of plants, of which about 30 belong in the Red Book of Belarus, grow there.

Vileyka Reservoir

Vileyka Reservoir is part of Vileyka-Minsk water system and the largest artificial lake in Belarus. It was created back in 1960-70s to supply more fresh water to Minsk. What might be more exciting about this place is an amazing ride on a long bridge stretching through the middle of the water surface!

Minsk Sea

“Isn’t Belarus a landlocked country”, someone may ask? Well, yes, Minsk Sea (or Minskoe more in Russian) is just a romantic name for Zaslavskoe water reserve, just outside the capital of Belarus. Anyway it is a beautiful place, where people like to spend time in summer. And it is there that they take pics of amazing sunsets!

Yelnya bogs

We bet you never though there may be anything beautiful about a swamp. Well, not if it’s landscape and wildlife reserve Yelnya. Old, silent, and mysterious, it is home to one of the largest lake and wetland areas in Belarus and in Europe. Intrigued?

Ok, we promised five videos, but here’s one more that absolutely must be included in this list! Nothing special, just the outskirts of Mogilev 🙂

Preview image by Dimid Vazhnik. Information: Google, Wiki, belarus.by