First Medical And Pharmaceutical Cluster Opens In Belarus

A research center of the pharmaceutical company Nativita was inaugurated in town Beshenkovichi in Vitebsk region on Wednesday, October 19. In 2017 the plant producing news drugs for the treatment of cancer will start operating in the cluster. 

“This is the first project of such kind in Belarus, the only medical and pharmaceutical cluster in the country”, Mikhail Myasnikovich,Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus, said at the opening.


Nativita will be producing drugs to treat oncological, autoimmune and severe infectious diseases. These medicines are included in the state program of import substitution.

The cluster is a joint investment project of four countries. The list of investors includes Natco Pharma Limited (India), OOO VitVar (Belarus), AO Vita Pharma (Slovakia), and AB ZIA valda (Lithuania). The Lithuanian company  contributed 42% of the investment, the Indian – 15%, the rest was invested by the companies from Belarus and Slovakia.


The cost of the investment project is estimated at 15 million euros; 8.5 million of the investment have already been implemented. The research centre provides jobs to 51 specialist, other 40 workplaces will be created in the plant.

Speaking about the enterprise, Mikhail Myasnikovich underlined: “It is extremely integrated. Technologies and capital from India, Belarus, Lithuania, and Slovakia are present here. All the best things from several countries are pooled here. It means that the enterprise will be recognizable at least in these countries.”

According to him, 52-53% of the drugs sold in Belarusian market are produced locally.


“I believe that thanks to such enterprises as Nativita this proportion will increase significantly. Ii is necessary to produce high-quality medications for both domestic and foreign markets. But it doesn’t mean that we should produce everything at home – if there is a need, we can import drugs.”

Ambassadors of the countries-participants of the investment project also attended the ceremony.

The pharmaceutical company Nativita was established in 2012. It is expected that its production will start working in early 2017. Prior to commissioning the main manufacturing lines the company opened a research center that will focus on cutting-edge R&D and will manage quality of the entire lineup of medications.

Source: TUT.BY, BelTA