First European In Minsk Without A Visa? Traveler Shares RISKY Experience In A Vlog

In three days an outstanding thing will happen – Belarus, one of the least visited countries in Europe, will open visa-free entry to travelers from 80 states, including EU, the USA and Canada.

But apparently there is one guy who could not wait till 12 February!

Conor, the author of a Youtube blog Language Tsar, has recently uploaded a travel vlog about a trip to Belarus.

visa-free european in belarus

He starts by saying that he is about to travel to Minsk from Grodno by bus and explains how “he found himself in an obscure Western Belarusian town without a visa”.

Turns out, his adventrure started when the traveler let his friend decide on the destination for their next vacation. The two agreed to go eastward, to Belarus.

“It’s more complicated for a European to get a visa to go to Belarus than it is for a Belarusian to get a visa to go to Schengen!”, Conor complained.

visa-free european in belarus 2

Nevertheless, friends were determined to go and check if the reality is as bad and outdated as described in the French and British media.

After a caferul examination of the MFA’s website and googling, Conor decided not to go through the official visa process but enter Belarus from Poland using the visa-free zone in Grodno region.

So what was risky about it?

Well, the traveler wanted to go to Minsk – that is kinda wasn’t allowed by the rules, as Minsk lies outside of the territory of the visa-free zone.

Luckily, it went well! Conor met his friend in Minsk and celebrated the New Year with President Lukashenko’s speech and dancing in a night club.


He then returned to Grodno and left the country for Vilnius in Lithuania and then Odessa in Ukraine.

Was the risk worth the impressions? According to Conor, yes! He liked the clean streets, the infrastructure and people.

“Irony of ironies, today President Lukashenko has announced that you can go for 5 days visa-free directly to Minsk airport”, Conor said in the last scene of the vlog, filmed in Odessa.

He added that at least this is good news for the future.

And we agree! So… what are YOU waiting for? 😉

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