Scientists Present First Belarusian Electromobile

The National Academy of Sciences presented the first Belarusian electro-car, BelTA informs.

The experimental sample of the electromobile is created on the basis of the mass produced GeelySC7 car of the Belarusian assembly.

Charged once, the electric car can make about 150 km. It needs either 6 hours (from a power source of 220 volts) or 3-4 hours (380 volts) to be ready to go. Then the car can accelerate to the speed of 110 km/h. However it’s not the maximum that electric Geely can achieve, regarding that the first sample is designed only for driving around the city and doesn’t boast with a powerful engine.

All the components of the electric drive are produced in Belarus, except for the energy accumulator (supercapacitor). But the “batteries” of the electric car will be also Belarusian in the future.

It will be a serial production of the electric car. It is expected to be approximately twice expensive than its petrol equivalent Geely SC7.

Recently the National Academy of Sciences has made one of the most competitive unmanned aerial complexes and a motor wheeled bicycle. Currently scientists are working on a new satellite.

Source: belta.by