Financial Times Wants You To Listen To This Belarusian Band Right Now

International daily newspaper the Financial Times has recommended its readers to listen to a medieval-rock band from Belarus.

Despite the fact that most concert halls around the world were closed and concerts cancelled, the music plays on. Musicians, orchestras, DJs and other music lovers have turned to the internet to keep us supplied with good music and mood.

Stary Olsa band Belarus listen online

Photo: vk.com/stary_olsa

This week the FT selected top 10 classical concerts to watch online and free of charge. Stary Olsa is one of the music charity livestreamers who made it to the list of the best performances. The author of the text particularly recommends to listen to the online concerts dedicated to to JS Bach’s birthday.

“An obvious draw is Steven Devine playing Bach’s 48 Preludes and Fugues on the harpsichord at York’s National Centre for Early Music. For something a bit different there’s the Belarusian band Stary Olsa, headbanging their way through medieval music from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania,” she notes.

Сheck it for yourself:

By the way, you may have already listened to Stary Olsa’s music if you are a fan of the Canadian-Irish TV series Vikings on the History Channel. One of the band’s songs played in the seventh episode of the sixth season.