Funny Videos: How Utility Workers And Police Fight With Flags And Slogans In Minsk

The Belarusians authorities waged a war against flags, ribbons and random objects, including t-shirts, towels and even bras and pants, recreating colours of a white-red-white historical flag. Utility workers, firefighters and police officers are sent to remove symbols and inscriptions that appear here and there. With the coming of winter, Belarusians started to use snow to express their discontent with the situation in the country. As a result, numerous [funny] videos emerged showing a never-ending ‘war’.


Today someone trampled a “Long live” inscription in one of Minsk yards. After some time, unknown people came to the spot and resorted to fighting fire with fire. It is difficult to understand what negative connotations the usual four-letter word had, but soon the phrase disappeared.


In October, a white-red-white flag was spotted on one of the balconies in central Minsk. At some point, a utility worker tried to fish it out with a fishing rod.

This is not a flag

Even a white canvas with the words “This is not a flag” was not spared. Then they explained it simply: nothing should hang on a balcony. Now, perhaps, such a canvas would be considered an “unauthorized picket” and put its owner behind bars for up to 15 nights.

No duck houses or paper boats

White-red-white duck houses are not welcome in Belarus too. In Uruchye micro-district, utility workers, under the supervision of the police, tried to cope with one. The video turned out to be really epic!

Removing flags and paper white-red-white boats from water deserves special mention here. Just watch utility workers fighting tooth and nail with unregistered symbols.

Adding some green


Cutting tree branches

Cutting from ice

Source: TUT.BY