FAQs: All Ways To Visit Belarus Without A Visa

Going to Belarus? Wait a moment, you might need a visa or… you might not. Here are the most frequent questions about the visa-free regime, well, it’s more accurate to say, regimes that may bother you.

General info

For years Belarus has been perceived as a not-so-easy-to-reach country that takes a lot of effort, time and money to visit.

In February 2017, the situation changed drastically as citizens of 80 countries were allowed to enter the country visa-free for up to 5 days via Minsk National Airport.

A year and a half later, the duration of visa-free stay was extended to up to 30 days, as Belarus kept concluding agreements on the mutual abolition of visas with different states.

At present, one may be eligible to travel to Belarus without a visa depending on his/her nationality, a purpose of travel, and other requirements.

Short-term visits

Belarus has agreements with a series of countries whose citizens can come to the country without a visa on special terms and usually for up to 30-90 days.

no visa to belarus short term visits

The citizens of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan can stay in Belarus for up to 90 days.

Brest and Grodno

Foreign citizens of 77 countries can stay up to 10 days in certain areas of Brest and Grodno Oblasts without visas via a Belarusian travel agency.

❗ The period of stay equals the duration of a trip. It can be extended if additional tourism services are bought but can’t exceed 10 days. Don’t forget about the registration!

The visa-free zone includes Brest, Kamenets, Brest and Pruzhany districts of Brest region, Svisloch district of Grodno region. Plus, the tourist-recreational park Augustow Canal, Grodno, and Grodno.

Where can I cross the border visa-free?

You can do it via 12 checkpoints

Brest Oblast: Brest Airport by ✈, Brest-Terespol by 🚆🚘, Domachevo-Slovatitchi and Peschatka-Polovtsy by 🚘, Pererov-Belovezha by 🚲🏃‍♂.

Grodno Oblast: Grodno airport by ✈, Grodno-Kuznitsa Belostotskaya by 🚆, Bruzgi-Kuznitsa Belostotskaya and Privalka-Raigardas by 🚘, Lesnaya-Rudavka and Privalka-Shviandubre by 🛳.

What documents do I need?

  • a valid passport
  • money in Belarusian rubles or foreign currency (about €24 per day or €613 for 30 days);
  • health insurance valid in Belarus
  • tourist permit,
  • migration card (issued when a foreigner enters the country).

Where can I buy a tour?

Foreigners can visit Brest or Grodno visa-free after purchasing a tour from the following tourist companies in Brest and Grodno.

Can a visa-free tourist who comes to Brest to visit Grodno as well?

No. It is forbidden by law.

❗ For detailed info check the official websites of Brest and Grodno tourist recreation areas. The rules of crossing the border for foreigners are available at the website of the State Border Committee.

More FAQs with the answers to them can be found HERE.

Minsk National Airport

Travelers from 74 countries don’t need a visa if they fly in an out via Minsk airport and stay in the country for no more than 30 days.

❗The term of a visa-free stay is counted in calendar days. The day of arrival and departure are included.

What documents should I have?

  • passport (valid for over 90 days after the day of departure from Belarus);
  • money in Belarusian rubles or foreign currency (about €24 per day or €613 for 30 days);
  • medical insurance valid in Belarus for the whole period of stay (for at least €10,000)

Citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, Gambia, India, China, Lebanon, Namibia, and Samoa must have a valid EU or Schengen multi visa and air tickets back.

❗The term of visa-free stay can’t be extended beyond 30 days.

How many times can I come to Belarus visa-free?

As many as you wish. However, the total period of stay shouldn’t exceed 90 days per the calendar year from the date of the first entry into the country.

Can I come to Belarus visa-free from Russia by air?

A 30-days visa-free via Minsk airport doesn’t apply to travelers arriving in Belarus by plane from Russia or vice versa. Here’s how a foreigner can cross Belarus-Russia in one picture.

❗ Don’t forget to register online or at the Department of Citizenship and Migration if you’re staying in Belarus for over five days. Registration is carried out automatically during check-in at the hotel, hostel or sanatorium.

Also, note that the visa-free regime doesn’t apply to holders of diplomatic, service, special and other passports equivalent to them. More details on a visa-free stay via the airport are HERE.

The text is based on the information from open sources and can be used for reference only.