FAQs: Visa To Belarus

Going to Belarus? Wait a moment, you might need a visa to get there. Here are the most frequent questions (with the answers) that may bother you as well.

Whether you need a visa to Belarus basically depends on where you’re coming from. Generally, a citizen of a foreign country who plans to enter Belarus must obtain a visa.

However, if your home country has a visa agreement with Belarus, then you likely will not need to apply for a visa beforehand.

Do I need a visa to Belarus?

Depending on your nationality, a purpose for travel, and other requirements you may be eligible to travel to Belarus without a visa.

Note: no visa for short-term visits are usually for up to 30-90 days.

*Argentina (up to 90 days), the United Arab Emirates (up to 30 days) were also added to the list. The nationals of TurkeyMontenegroEcuador, and China can come to Belarus on special terms.

They can visit the country for up to 30 days during one trip, but not more than 90 days within a year from the date of first entry. Montenegro nationals will also have to provide an invitation letter or a contract from a travel agency.

Recall that Belarus has several visa-free options:

What type of visa do I need?

There are three types of travel visas in Belarus, each of which affords the bearer different rights in the country.

A transit (2 days), short-term (90 days; with single, double or multiple entries) and long-term (valid within a year, allows 90 days of staying) visas.

The type of visa is defined by law and relates to the purpose of your travel: business, sports events, tourism, education, employment, humanitarian and journalistic activities, etc.

Visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find out requirements and visa categories appropriate for you.

Where can I apply for a Belarus visa?

To get an entry visa, contact the Consulate or Embassy of Belarus in your country for further instructions.

In case there are no Belarusian representative offices in your country, contact the consular center at Minsk airport to learn the requirements.

What documents do I need?

  • a completed visa application form
  • one photo (35×45 mm, full face, high resolution, not older than 6 months)
  • a valid travel document/passport
  • a medical insurance
  • proof of payment for consular fees
  • visa supporting documents that specify the purpose and conditions of the visit (flight itinerary, hotel booking, tourist agency contract or letter of invitation).

Depending on the country you are from the list of documents may be larger and include an interview. More info on the matter can be found here.

❗Some of the embassies accept the documents by post (just don’t forget to put a return envelope in a package).

How much does a Belarus visa cost?

Belarus’ visa cost varies and depends on your citizenship and visa type. For most countries, the fee is €60.

The residents of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland can enter Belarus on a €25 visa. Underage foreigners (up to 14 years old) can visit Belarus free of charge.

❗If your visa application is refused, the consular fee won’t be reimbursed. Check out a regularly updated list of the fees here.

Can I get a visa upon arrival?

Yes, you can get a visa at Minsk airport. Contact the consular center at the airport, submit the necessary documents in advance (not later than 3-5 business days before the arrival).

Visa supporting documents may be submitted by the inviting side or by post (take into account the delivery time).

Mind that the option is available only if one comes by a direct flight via the airport. Besides, your visa will cost about twice as much as the ordinary one.

When will my visa be ready?

Your visa will be ready within 5 business days from the date of application. In urgent cases, the term of a visa procedure may be reduced to 2 days for an additional fee.

❗Also, some embassies issue visas on the same day of application for a double fee.

What is visa registration?

While staying in Belarus for more than 5 days (Sundays and public holidays excluded) a foreigner should register at the citizenship and migration office in person or online. Consult our brief guide on online registration in Belarus.

When staying in hotels, hostels, sanatoriums the registration is carried out by default during check-in. By law, a foreigner is obliged to register each time you change an accommodation.

Can I extend my visa?

It depends. If you decide to stay in Belarus for a little longer, visit the local citizenship and migration office for a consultation.

As to the period of visa-free stay, it cannot be extended beyond the established 30 days.

The text is based on the information from open sources and can be used for reference only.