F Is For Family! Your Guide To Perfect Holiday With Kids In Minsk

Looking for a way to entertain a bored child? This guide has everything, from amusement centers and indoor water parks to refined pleasures of the national ballet.

Minsk is one of the most kid-friendly cities one could possibly imagine. Lush, safe, and clean – this is a perfect place to grow up.

However, if you are here for a short while and want to have a quality time with your kids, our guide might come in handy. 

Indoor Venues For Kids

Wet and cold days in Belarus can sometimes be a challenge with children, but luckily the city has the perfect variety of all-weather destinations.

There are indoor playgrounds, amusement parks, party rooms and many more to have your kids entertained whether you are around or not.

Dinozavriya is divided into two areas: sea world for kids up to 5 years of age, and dino city (5+). The theme park is inspired by dinosaurs: their downsized replicas are dispersed throughout the park’s territory. The amusement center is complete with a four-level labyrinth, trampolines, slides, and dry pools.

Professional playworkers will keep your child entertained while you shop or slurp your coffee in the park’s thematic cafe. 

Drts Bazillion is one of the biggest amusement park franchises in Belarus. The colorful design is supplemented by labyrinths for kids of all ages, various slides, dry pools, airguns, trampolines, and a roller rink. A face painting artist will transform your child into their favorite superhero, and a photographer will capture the moment.

Looking for a place to celebrate your kid’s birthday? Rent a “party room” at Yyeti I Deti, another great amusement center. Play assistants dressed as cartoon characters will fill the day with games, teach creative workshops, and finish with a thematic birthday cake. If you can’t wait until birthday, the indoor playgrounds with labyrinths and trampolines are open for everyone.

Apart from familiar amusements, Caramelka offers summer camps for young kids. Here children can acquire new skills, such as painting, artistic molding, dancing, and mental calculation. Playing chess and board games will help them develop logical and creative thinking.

Children can participate in air hockey, basketball, and football tournaments. Leave your kid at 8:30 and come back at 18:00. The membership is available for 1, 5, 10 days. 

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Teleport is a virtual reality park that is suitable for young kids, along with teenagers and adults. The children’s area has an augmented reality sandbox, projection wall, interactive floor with over 80 effects and activities, interactive wall, and VR capsule. Learn more on their website.

Limpopo is not only a province in South Africa, but also an amusement park that has many positive reviews. An exotic name is prompted by a famous Soviet children’s poem. Like Africa, Limpopo promises the world full of adventures. In this case, with a zero chance of losing your kid to a poisonous snake bite or ebola.

Banana City has two play areas for children under 4 and 12 years old. There is a birthday party room. Trained, friendly personnel will add to one more unforgettable day with your family. The amusement center runs many discount programs throughout the year. Check out their offers.

Parks & Outdoor

No matter the size of your family, whether it’s two, three, or 10 family members, Minsk parks provide a wide range of fun-filled activities and ideas. Here are just some of them.

Chelyuskintsev park is a lush urban forest park in the center of Minsk. Part of it is occupied by the amusement rides, however, there are quiet sections where you can walk among the trees, chill in the sun, and spot squirrels.

There is Children’s Railway consisting of miniature trains operated by teenagers. It has three stations at the edge of the park, and a turning loop that lets the train run back. When you are hungry, pay a visit to one of the street food joints in the park.

Botanical Garden is located at the opposite edge of the park. It is divided into gardens that contain flora from different parts of the world. There is a rose garden, a physic garden, a lemon tree nursery, a greenhouse with exotic plants, and more. Different alleys lead toward a peaceful lake inhabited by ducks and swans. You can book a guided tour with a professional botanist.

Gorky Park is the oldest public park in Minsk. It was established as early as 1800 under the name Governor’s garden. Located along the side of the Svislach river, it has an educational observatory with a planetarium, indoor skating rink, amusement rides, and cafés. Its Ferris wheel is the highest in Minsk, 51 meters in diameter, and provides a bird’s-eye view of the city.

Minsk Zoo maintains 450 animal species. All animals live in spacious enclosures and receive due care. There is a petting zoo with domesticated animals, and a reservoir inhabited by the local breeds of water birds. The large exotarium contains exotic reptiles and amphibians. On weekends you can book a horse riding class. Check more on their website!

Dinopark is located on the adjacent territory to the zoo. The park’s main attraction is real-size replicas of popular dinosaurs, twitching, roaring, breathing heavily as you walk past. You can have a guided tour and learn everything about dinosaurs and the world they lived in.

Sports & Aquatics

The promise of spending a hot summer day at a water park or swim with sea creatures is sure to put a grin on any child’s face. In Minsk, there are at least three places where one can take their kids to slide, splash and dive with the dolphins.

Waterpark Lebyazhy is the biggest waterpark in the city. It consists of outdoor and indoor areas with 11 water slides, waterpark rides and attractions, children’s pools. The park offers dozens of thematic quests for children. Apart from getting wet, you can visit a space station “Dark Ride”, wander its dark corridors and fight aliens.

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In amusement center “Kazki” your child may explore 3D labyrinth, multiple amusement rides, play basketball and aero hockey. The youngest ones will enjoy getting around “comfy land”, divided into areas of feelings, music, and cognition. 

Dreamland is an amusement park and an open-air waterpark. Complete with pools, 66-ft. slides, sunbeds, a children’s area, this island-themed waterpark is perfect in hot summer weather! There are also cafés and street food joints.

Located next to the Minsk Zoo and Dinopark, Dolphinarium Nemo is a perfect place for a family outing. The dolphins look well-kept and happy and seem to have a great relationship with their trainers. Apart from watching a show, you can swim and dive with the dolphins. See more on their website.

Family-friendly shows

Family vacations can sometimes feel like more work than relaxation, especially when it comes to theatre, ballet or opera. We’ve handpicked several options specifically designed for a family audience.

National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre has a number of world-known ballets that won’t let your child fall into slumber. “Le Petit Prince”, “The Little Tower Chamber”, “The Fountain of Bakhchisarai” are masterfully directed, enthralling performances. Book the tickets directly from their website

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Belarusian State Puppet Theatre offers amusing, dynamic performances based on familiar stories: Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Pippi Longstocking, Aladdin’s Lamp, A Christmas Carol. All shows are carried out in Russian, but the colorful puppets, singing, and music create an immersive atmosphere that will keep your child transfixed with excitement.

Do you happen to be a fan of Roald Dahl? Then you might like the new ballet at Belarusian State Musical Theatre. “James and the Giant Peach” will amuse you the way it did when you were a kid.

Teatr-Studiya Kinoaktera premiered “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” this spring. The energetic performance quickly caught everyone’s attention. Look for the upcoming shows at this English-language ticket service.

“Kartonka” theatre emerged thanks to Svetlana Ben, the leader of the freak-cabaret band “Serebryanaya Svadba”. Her performances stand out due to unique approach and her desire to engage the audience. They are weird and fun. The theatre has no physical location. All upcoming shows are announced on their Facebook page.

Science Museums

Show kids that science can be fun. Forget head-achingly boring textbook lessons, these museums house science exhibits so engaging that they seamlessly blend play with education.

Muzey Zanimatel’nykh Nauk “Kvantum” provides an interactive exhibition covering all areas of science. Different sections of the museum are dedicated to explaining the basics of mechanics, aerodynamics, optics, electromagnetism, and biology.

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In the planetarium, children can watch films that will enhance their knowledge of our galaxy and beyond. They can run experiments in the museum’s laboratory. Every exhibit item can be touched!

Science Museum “Elemento”, besides their permanent exposition, offers lectures adapted to kids, children’s club, and summer science camp. Weekend visitors will have a chance to see a bombastic science show.

Strana Mini Don’t have time to visit the actual sites of Belarus? Don’t worry, travel in space and time with the Museum of Miniatures in Minsk. Nice tiny castles, buildings, forests, trains, people and animals (some of them can move when you push the button.)

Friendly staff and audio guides will accompany you on your trip to famous places and historic events. There is also a place to sit and have a coffee, buy souvenirs and national clothes in the museum shop.

We hope you made your choice! Tell us in the comments below how this guide helped you to plan a fun weekend with your family.

Child-friendly restaurants

Druz’ya is one of the biggest brewpubs in the city that takes good care of adults and children alike. Located on the edge of Druzhby Narodov Park, it has a big outdoor castle-themed playground with rope walkways and slides. Indoor amusements include X-Box and karaoke for kids, along with varied entertainment programs. Children’s menu is available.

The main feature of Lido is its spacious children’s room occupying a tower mill. It is cozily designed, with handcrafted wooden furniture and educational toys. Their children’s menu consists of healthy and appealing meals with whimsical looks: cat in a bow tie, ladybug on a toast, meatball-faced cartoon characters and more. Free entertainment programs on Sundays.

Family Club is a cozy café in Gorky Park. Besides plain comfort food, it offers fun cooking workshops for the kids. There is a decorated playroom with toys and a play assistant. While waiting for the meal, your child can get busy over a coloring book. The café’s specialty is a Mickey Mouse-shaped pizza. There are baby chairs and a changing table.

Garage Cafe has a car-themed children’s room with push cars and educational toys. Your child can participate in a pizza workshop. Extensive children’s menu includes pizza cats, burger frogs, along with healthier options of salads and meat with potatoes on the side. 

Piratskaya Bukhta is a pirate-themed café providing diverse entertainment programs for children. Their quests are based on minions, pirates, cowboys, and other beloved children’s characters. Children will be accompanied by the costumed play assistants. The café has a snug design and an ample children’s menu.

Text by Alesia Ivankova