Fake Or Real? President’s Youngest Son Becoming Popular On Instagram

Belarus’ president’s youngest son, 14 y.o. Nikolai Lukashenko is becoming a star of social networks. Having caused quite a stir online after his visit to China in April, ‘Kolya’, or social profiles attributed to the teen, are becoming increasingly popular in Belarus.

42.TUT.BY investigates if they are real or fake.

When Nikolai’s recent photo, taken during the Second Belt and Road Forum in Bejing, appeared online, people couldn’t help noticing how much the teen has changed.

They noticed a stylish haircut, and TikTok users – mostly teen girls – even launched a challenge with reactions to the picture.

To the grief of Nikolai Lukashenko’s fans, the son of the Belarusian president is not registered on social networks. However, recently profiles described as Nikolai’s “official pages” have started gaining big popularity on Instagram, the Belarusian portal reports.

One of them, with 14 posts, has nearly 19 thousand followers.

All of the pictures are from official reports and open sources, TUT.BY writes.

The only one of a more informal nature is a photo supposedly taken after a hockey game (the president’s youngest son plays hockey and defends the Griffins team of the Tsentralny district of Minsk – editor’s note).

It is impossible to confirm the ownership of the page, TUT.BY states. Journalists received no response to their message in the account’s direct.

Another Insta page with Nikolai’s name on it has a more modest fans base of around 5,000 followers. As in the previous case, all photos in the profile are from the official reports or impossible to confirm.

The page claims to be official by attacking other ‘fake’ pages.

Natalya Eismont, press secretary to the president of Belarus, has not yet answered returned a comment about whether or not Alexander Lukashenko’s teen son owns any social profiles. TUT.BY quotes the president saying that “Kolya has no pages. I do not want him to have them, and I forbid it” back in 2016.

Alexander Lukashenko is neither present on social networks, although his fake pages spring up as well.