Wages, Jobless, Gender. 6 Facts About Labor In Belarus

Today workers around the world mark May Day. Belarusians are traditionally resting, marching and watching concerts on 1 May.

And while they do, BelarusFeed is taking a moment to go through the major facts about labor in Belarus.

In 2018 the total workforce in Belarus made 4,335,500 people. Of them, 23.5% were employed in industry, 14.4% in trade, and 10.4% in the sphere of education.

Best earnings in 2018 were registered in the telecommunications sphere – 2775 BYN (~$1317) of the nominal gross average wage. Industry workers earned on average 1049 BYN, builders 1021 BYN, doctors 756 and teachers 654 BYN a month. The country’s average made 958 BYN (~$455).

Men and women in Belarus work equally – the gender proportion of the total workforce is 50%/49.2%.

56.1% of Belarusians work for private companies, while 39.7% are employed by the state.

The official level of unemployment in Belarus is registered at 0.4%, or 15,800 people as of March 2019. The actual unemployment figure is 15 times higher – 245,900 in Q4 2018 according to the classification by the International Labor Organization.

More and more Belarusians are choosing to work abroad – almost 93,000 as of the beginning of 2019.