Belarus Will Intorduce Facial Recognition System In Minsk Metro

Your face can soon be your ticket in Minsk metro, as soon as a new face-scanning ticketing system is introduced, Minsk-Novosti reports.

A face recognition system in metro will be introduced in test mode in the coming months. According to city authorities, the bank that implements the project has already done some preliminary work.

“First, the system will work at one of the turnstiles, the bank employees themselves will test it. Only when it works flawlessly, we will offer passengers the opportunity to use the new function,” Dorokhovich said.

The facial recognition system would work this way: the portrait of a passenger will be linked to his bank card. Then cameras at the gate  ans sensors detect when a person passes through and charges his/her payment account.

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Similar systems are now being tested in the Moscow and London metro, and have already been implemented in Chenise Zhengzhou.