Extra Train Will Run From Brest To Warsaw During 2nd European Games

An additional train will run from Brest to Warsaw at the time of the 2nd European Games, the Belarusian Railways press service reports.

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From Brest, the train will depart at 05.10 am and arrive at the Warsaw-Tsentralnaya station at 7.55 am.

In the opposite direction, it will depart from the Warsaw-Tsentralnaya station at 4.05 pm and arrive at the Brest-Tsentralny station at 9.06 pm.

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The schedule was drawn up taking into account the possibility of transfer to trains running to other cities of Belarus.

Thus, passengers arriving in Brest will be able to leave for Minsk by train No. 96 Brest-Minsk: departing from Brest at 11.53 pm and arriving in Minsk at 05.16 am.

When traveling from Minsk by train No. 737 Minsk-Brest, passengers will be able to depart from Minsk Passazhirsky at 11.43 pm and arrive in Brest at 03.40 am.

Passengers arriving in Minsk by train No. 96 Brest-Minsk can travel to Polotsk by train No. 741 to Gomel by train No. 716, as well as to other available directions.

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From Brest, passengers can go to Vitebsk by train No. 658 Brest-Vitebsk, which will run through Pinsk, Luninets, Minsk, Borisov and Orsha.

Passengers from Gomel can get on No. 737 Minsk-Brest train (with Warsaw a final destination) with a transfer at the station Minsk Passazhirsky by train No. 715 Gomel-Minsk.

They also can do that by No. 631 Gomel-Grodno (via Kalinkovichi) and in Vitebsk locals can visit Polish capital by train No. 657 Vitebsk-Brest.