Star Wars, Kittens And More! 7 Exhibitions You Must See Before The End Of 2017

From Star Wars battles to purring fluffy kittens get ready for a fun-packed season! Scroll down to see which events you can’t miss and don’t forget to come back every week for new updates.

1. Star Wars Jedi Academy

Pick up your lightsaber, it’s time to know the characters of Star Wars universe in a whole new way!

You’ll see you heroes of a galaxy far, far away, their iconic costumes and decorations from the films.

Ever dreamed of a lightsaber fight dueling? Dream no more! Come and choose your side.

Where: Dolginovsky tract, 178 (at the shopping center)

How to reach: By metro to Plošča Pieramohi station and then by buses 18, 26 to the Irynovskaya stop

Open: Mon-Fri: 15-9pm; Sat-Sun: 11-9pm. The exhibit runs through 10 January

Price: 5-10 BYN (~ $2.5-5)

2. Autumn at Cat Museum

That is a generally known fact, kittens heal and even your autumn provoked apathy won’t be able to resist their cuteness.

This season the museum will bring you a particularly cozy atmosphere with cat-themed board games, hot drinks and sweets from a Catcafe.

WhereIntiernacionaĺnaja str., 23

How to reach: By metro to Kastryčnickaja station

Open: Daily from 11am till 10pm

Price: 9 BYN (~$4.5)

3. Lenin’17 Exhibition

Feeling a bit nostalgic about the USSR times?

Exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of October Revolution kicked off in Minsk in October.

The exposition presents unique paintings, sculptures and art pieces featuring the Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin.

Where: Lenina str., 20

How to reach: By metro to Kastryčnickaja station

Open: Daily from 11am to 7pm. The exhibition is open till 12 December

Price: 10 BYN (~$5)

4. Early-Printed Belarusian Books

You still have a chance to take a glimpse of the first printed books of the XV-XVII centuries!

Among the highlights of the exposition is the Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Johann Gutenberg’s 42-line Bible and other originals brought from Germany, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The exhibition works till the end of this year.

Where: Bogdanovicha str., 13 (State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature)

How to reach: By metro to Niamiha station

Open: Daily from 9:00 to 19:00 (except Sunday)

Price: 2 BYN (~$1)

5. Mlyn Handicraft Fair

More than 500 Belarusian craftsmen, artists and designers will present their accessories, clothes, home furnishings, souvenirs and gifts for Christmas and New Year.

For those who will feel inspired to create their own masterpieces a number of master classes in ceramics, floral design and hand painting brooches will be organized.

Where: Pobediteley pr., 14

How to reach: By metro to Niamiha station and then by buses 1, 69 to the Ploshchad’ gosudarstvennogo flaga stop

Open: 8-9 December – 11a,-7pm, 10 December – 11am-6pm

Price: 3 BYN(~$1.5)

6. Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Tutankhamun’s funeral mask, a mysterious sphinx, eerie mummies, statues of gods, sarcophaguses, amulets and papyruses!

Be ready to dip into the ancient history of the Egyptian civilization full of enigmas and myths.

It took about ten years, a group of archaeologists and historians from Egypt, USA, Germany and Great Britain to arrange such an exhibition.

Where: Lenina str., 20

How to reach: By metro to Kastryčnickaja station

Open: Daily from 11am-7pm. The exhibition is open till 12 December

Price: 18-20 BYN (~$9-10)

7. Robots and Transformers

Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee and the Rescue Bots invaded Minsk!

The little ones can look forward to meet huge breathtaking replicas of their favourite Transformers characters and even create their own toys.

Where: Praspiekt Pieramožcaŭ 9 (Galleria Minsk)

How to reach: By metro to Niamiha station

Open:  The exhibition runs through 5 January; from 10am to 10pm

Price: 9-11 BYN (~$4.5-5.5)

Have a nice time!

Source: afisha.tut.by