EP Rejects Election Results, Declares Lukashenko Persona Non Grata

The European Parliament (EP) doesn’t not recognise Alexander Lukashenko as the re-elected president of Belarus and consider him a persona non grata in the European Union (EU).

In a common statement, political leaders from EPP, S&D, Renew Europe, Greens/EFA and ECR groups in the European Parliament joined forces to call for new and free elections in Belarus and strongly condemn the violence and torture perpetrated against peaceful protesters.

The building of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Photo: picture-alliance/dpa

“We applaud the Belarusian people for their courage and determination and strongly support their desire for democratic change and freedom. The 9th August presidential elections were neither free, nor fair, and credible reports point to a victory of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. We therefore do not recognise Alexander Lukashenko as the re-elected President of Belarus and consider him a persona non grata in the European Union.

We join the Belarusian people in their demand for new and free elections, under the supervision of independent observers. We strongly condemn the arrests and appalling acts of violence and torture perpetrated against peaceful protesters, and call for a full investigation of these crimes, which cannot go unpunished. In this regard, we remind Alexander Lukashenko of his responsibility.

We strongly condemn the suppression of internet and media, road blockades, and intimidation of journalists in order to stop the flow of information about the situation in the country. We call for the immediate release of all those arbitrarily detained, and political prisoners who have been detained before and during the election campaign. We welcome the decision of EU foreign affairs ministers to blacklist all those responsible for violence and the falsified presidential elections.

We urge the sanctions list to be compiled as soon as possible, so people who committed these crimes are banned from visiting the EU and their assets are frozen. The European Union can and must do more to further the cause of democracy and freedom in Belarus, including by strengthening assistance to Belarusian civil society and immediately ceasing any financial support to the government and state-controlled projects. We suggest the relaunch of targeted EU assistance programmes to help repressed people in Belarus and their families.

The European Union should equally take strong and unequivocal action by reassessing its relations with the current regime in Belarus, in line with EU values and principles, and reconsider its cooperation with Minsk, including within the Eastern Partnership.”

Lukashenko: “Minority Must Accept Opinion Of Overwhelming Majority”

On August 17, the UK stated that it does not accept the results of the Belarusian presidential elections. Earlier, the EU also rejected the results of the elections and reported about working on the list of sanctioning those responsible for violence against peaceful protesters and falsification.

Meanwhile, a senior Trump administration official said the U.S. was closely following developments in Belarus. And U.S. President Donald Trump described the sitaution unfolding in Belarus as terrible, Reuters reports.