Step-By-Step Video On Customs Border Rules During 2019 European Games

With the 2nd European Games 2019 in Minsk around the corner, a video telling how to cross the customs border of Belarus is most welcome.

Know before you visit!

Belarus’s customs has presented an animated video on the movement of goods across the customs border. It is available both in Russian and English.

A step-by-step guide explaining basic customs rules and pitfalls will be particularly of use for the participants and guests of the European Olympics.

Watch the cartoon, follow the rules while crossing Belarus’ customs border and feel at home.

From June 21 to June 30, Minsk will become a host of the 2nd European Games. An international multi-sport competition takes place under the direction of the European Olympic Committees.

This year it will feature 15 sports, 8 of which will become qualifying to the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo. Up to 4,000 athletes are expected to arrive in Minsk to compete in 200 medal events.

The 2nd European Games will be held at the largest sports facilities, such as Dinamo stadium, Minsk-Arena, Chizhovka-Arena and many others. Do you still wondering why to come?

Lucky you, we’ve just explained why this large-scale event in the center of Europe should be on your bucket list this summer and what you will need to do become a part of it. Don’t forget, you’ll have a chance to stay in the country for 30 days.

And for this, all you need to have are: a passport, insurance policy for €10,000, financial means in the amount of €20 a day and tickets to one or more events of the 2nd European Games

Source: customs.gov.by