European Diplomats Meet Families Of Belarusians Killed During Protests And Political Prisoners

“Today in Minsk, heads of EU diplomatic missions were honoured and humbled to meet with family members of Belarusians who were killed when demonstrating peacefully in demand of their fundamental rights,” wrote Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus Dirk Schuebel on his Facebook page.

To honour the Day of Solidarity with Belarus, the EU ambassadors met family members of the Belarusian political prisoners, who have been held in jail for months. Amongst them, the widow of Alexander Taraikovsky and the wife of the imprisoned blogger Igor Losik and many others.

“#WeStandWithBelarus on this Day of Solidarity and every day until all the political prisoners walk free and all the perpetrators have been held to account,” reads the statement. Last weekend numerous solidarity actions with protesting Belarusians took place around the world: politicians, diplomats, diasporas and concerned foreigners expressed their solidarity and support.

In a recent interview to BelaPAN news agency Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus Dirk Schuebel expressed his opinion on the events happening in Belarus. He said: “You can blame foreign puppeteers as much as you like, get carried away with conspiracy theories, prosecute crime victims and switch attention from cause to effect – this does not change reality. Only an open and fair political process will ensure a sustainable solution to the current crisis in Belarus.”

He also spoke about sanctions, unsuccessful attempts to get into pre-trial detention facilities where political prisoners are held, about EU assistance to Belarus, and explained why the EU cannot declare the OMON [riot police] and GUBOPiK [the Main Directorate for combating organized crime] terrorist organizations.