Makei To Euronews: Actions Of Security Forces Were Absolutely Adequate And Necessary

The average situation in Belarus is absolutely normal, it has stabilised and normalised. And if last year the Belarusian authorities and security forces acted excessively, then these actions were “absolutely adequate and necessary”, since “the fate of the country was at stake”, Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said in an interview with Euronews.

Situation in Belarus is absolutely normal

The protesters who were detained in the past were detained for specific crimes and rights violations. “Those who were unjustly detained have been released and are being released,” said the foreign minister.

“Yes, maybe the authorities sometimes acted in an excessive way, there was an adequate reaction to all the non-peaceful violent protests that took place in Belarus last year after the presidential elections, in fact, there was an attempt at a coup d’état,” Makei conceded.

The fate of the country was at stake,” Makei responded to the question of the question of the journalist about whether he regrets the actions of the Belarusian authorities in relation to the protesters.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that if to put the fate of the country on one end of the scale and human rights on the other end of the scale then the leadership of any country would have chosen to maintain the independence of statehood and sovereignty of their country.

“The average situation in Belarus is absolutely normal, it has stabilised and normalised and there are no protests that you mention,” Makei believes. He noted that there is an absolutely exclusive open dialogue in Belarus which is aimed at the improvement of the constitutional process and at the introduction of amendments to the constitution.

“By 1 August, proposals for amendments to the constitution will be prepared. They will then be presented for broad public discussion. Only through this kind of dialogue can we succeed and have true democracy in the Republic of Belarus, a democracy that is not imposed with sticks. But a democracy that matures in the minds of citizens,” he stresses.

Why Belarus was thrown back. The question is rhetorical

The Foreign Minister acknowledged the deterioration of relations with Western countries, pointing out that they are “in a crisis situation.”

“Although we have always regarded the European Union as a trade and economic partner second only to Russia as a source of technologies and innovations for Belarus. And believe me, within the last five years since the lifting of sanctions against Belarus we have achieved much more than in the 15 years of the sanctions regime against Belarus,” Makei added.

He also agreed with the statement of the international human rights organization Freedom House, which stated that the idea of a more democratic Belarus is in a much longer perspective than before. “The only question is why it happened why Belarus was thrown back and thanks to whom it was thrown back. The question is rhetorical,” notes the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Responding to the question of whether Russia is Belarus’ last resource when it comes to sticking to power, he explained that the relationship with Russia is dictated by geographical location and history. “Russia is our neighbour. It is a powerful power both economically and militarily and is a geopolitical player on the world stage and this explains the need to build normal, friendly relations with this power.”

“We intend to further develop the integration processes with our neighbouring brotherly Russia. Moreover, I should tell you unambiguously, that the sanctions actions which the European Union and other Western countries are taking against Belarus only contribute to the further development and strengthening of the integration processes on a bilateral basis.”

Source: euronews.com