EU Will Simplify Visa Regime With Belarus Before 2 February 2020

The agreement on the EU-Belarus visa facilitation will be signed no later than 2 February 2020. This was made public by the head of the European Union Office in Belarus, Andrea Victorin, after her meeting with President Alexander Lukashenko.

Most likely, the signing will take place this November.

Andrea Victorin, the Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus

“We will sign the agreement on visa facilitation. I cannot say the specific date but all the documents have already been prepared and both sides are undertaking legal procedures.

This work is handled by a special commission. Presumably, it will complete its work by November 2019.

We are well aware of the deadline, namely 2 February 2020,” Andrea Wictorin said.

Recall that recently in the European Union adopted the amendments to the visa code that will take effect on 2 February 2020 increasing the Schengen visa fees to €80.

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Negotiations between the EU and Belarus on visa facilitation have been going on for over a year. Earlier Victorin noted that there were no contradictions between the parties and the text of the agreement was agreed.

Minsk and Brussels now should complete all domestic procedures before the documents are signed – this process may take up to 2–3 months. Once the agreement is signed the visa to Schengen area states for Belarusians will cost €35.

Meanwhile, fewer Belarusians have been applying for Schengen visas. During 2018, Schengen embassies in Belarus collected a total of 681,106 visa applications. The is 5% fewer compared to 2017.

Last year, 681,106 residents of Belarus applied for a Schengen uniform visa, whereas in 2017 Schengen embassies reported 715,433 visa applications. Most of them were reportedly approved.

Source: Zvyazda.by; Featured image: Skorba/WikiMedia Commons