EU Ambassadors Meet Foreign Minister Makei To Discuss Situation In Belarus

Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei is holding a meeting with the ambassadors of the EU countries on Thursday morning. The theme of the discussion is the current situation in Belarus and relations between Belarus and the EU, sources in diplomatic circles told TUT.BY.

The closed-doors meeting is held at the initiative of Belarus Foreign Ministry. According to TUT.BY sources, the European ambassadors have long asked to arrange a meeting with Vladimir Makei to discuss the situation in the country.

Belrus MFA Vladimir Makei EU ambassadors

The meeting reportedly lasted for about two hours, the ambassadors refused to comment on its results to journalists. Following the meeting, the EU Delegation to Belarus reported that the EU is closely following the development of the situation in Belarus before and after the election.

“The EU has repeatedly called on the Belarusian authorities to find adequate solutions by ending violence and conducting a genuine and broad national dialogue. Taking into account these circumstances, the heads of the EU diplomatic missions in Minsk asked for a meeting with Vladimir Makei, to which he kindly agreed.”

EU diplomats stressed that only a peaceful and democratic process in the conditions of independence and freedom of the media and a strong civil society will help find sustainable solutions. The heads of missions also expressed admiration for the courage of Belarusians who took to the streets to protest election fraud and defend their right to freedom and democratic representation.

Belarusians are calling on the authorities to engage in an open dialogue about the future of their country, the ambassadors said.

In this context, European diplomats pointed to the inadmissibility of prosecuting members of the Coordination Council. At today’s meeting, EU diplomats once again asked to allow them to visit pre-trial detention centers and Belarusians, whom the EU ambassadors working in Minsk consider were arrested solely for political reasons.

Recall that in June, the Foreign Ministry gathered the ambassadors of the EU and the US. Then the theme of the meeting was the criminal case initiated against the officials of Belgazprombank. Viktor Babariko, who intended to become a presidential candidate, also became a defendant in the case.

Source: TUT.BY