EU Ambassadors Lay Flowers At Site In Minsk Where One Protester Died

In Minsk, ambassadors from EU countries, representatives of the U.S. Embassy and other countries laid flowers at Pushkinskaya metro station, where one protester died. Meanwhile, peaceful protests and solidarity actions continue across Belarus.

Head of the EU Delegation in Belarus, Dirk Schuebel, and foreign ambassadors laid flowers at the site where one protester died. They were met with cheers and chanting by the crowd assembled at a makeshift memorial. People chanted “Long live Belarus!” and “Thank you!” 

Meanwhile, current High Representative of the European Union Josep Borrell said that the situation in Belarus has become a matter of grave concern.

“The deterioration in the political climate culminated in elections that were neither free nor fair. An outburst of repressive violence followed, when the people of Belarus courageously demonstrated their mistrust of the announced result and their desire for change.

That led to at least one dead, several wounded, the arbitrary detention of thousands of people, including journalists, and a crackdown on fundamental rights of expression including an internet blackout,” he stated.

The EU representatives called again on the Belarusian authorities to put an end to the violence, to release all arbitrarily detained persons and to return without delay to the path of proper democratic and pluralist behaviour by opening dialogue with society.

Otherwise, they will have to reconsider their relations with Belarus and eventually take sanctions against those responsible for the violence, arbitrary arrests and falsification of election results.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the election in Belarus wasn’t “free and fair” and urged the government to refrain from violence against peaceful protesters.

Source: TUT.BY