Belarusians Celebrate Epiphany By Taking Frigid Dip On Epiphany 2018

Today Orthodox Christians celebrate the Epiphany also known as the Baptism of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You think you’re cold?

In Belarus Orthodox Christians all across the country plunge into the icy waters to wash away their sins starting Epiphany Eve, January 18.

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People believe that the holy water has health-giving properties that keeps them strong and sound throughout the year.

The tradition that has survived to the present day is to commemorate the baptism of Jesus Christ in the River Jordan.

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The traditional date for the feast is January 6, however, some countries hold their celebrations on January 19 according to the Julian calendar.

Epiphany concludes a holy period called Svyatki, or “holy days”, which starts on Orthodox Christmas on January 7.

Popular customs during this period include Epiphany singing, chalking the door, having one’s house blessed, eating Three Kings Cake, winter swimming, as well as attending church services.