EP Adopts Resolution On Belarus Urging EU To Impose Tough Sanctions

The deputies of the European Parliament voted for the adoption of a resolution on the situation in Belarus, where they condemned the current government, supported the opposition and proposed to impose sanctions against the top Belarusian leadership.

The European parliamentarians voted for the adoption of the draft resolution, which rejects the results of the 9 August election in Belarus, which, as the document says, were held in gross violations of international standards. The resolution also indicates the non-recognition of Alexander Lukashenko as President of Belarus when his term expires in November.

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For illustration purposes only. Photo: Reuters

The resolution welcomes the activities of the Coordination Council headed by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, called “transitional representation of the people” and open to dialogue with all political and social forces. The resolution calls on the EU leadership to assist the council, and also demands the immediate release of its members in custody.

The adopted resolution states that the European Parliament supports the people of Belarus and their calls for free and fair election, and also considers it necessary to resolve the crisis in Belarus with the support of independent media and representatives of civil society. The document calls for the immediate release of political prisoners and all persons who have been arbitrarily detained and are now in custody, as well as an independent investigation of all cases of torture and protests-related deaths.

The parliamentarians also urge the leadership of the EU and the countries of the union to develop targeted sanctions against those responsible for the violence of the security forces against civilians, as well as falsification of elections, including against Alexander Lukashenko, as well as some Russian citizens who provide support to the Belarusian regime.

The document calls for the withdrawal of financial support for the Belarusian regime, including lending through the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, while at the same time supporting human rights defenders, activists and representatives of civil society in Belarus.

The lawmakers also urges to support the Belarusian citizens applying for asylum in the EU, students expelled from universities for an active civil position. The MEPs welcome the OSCE’s proposal to assist in establishing a dialogue, and also call on the Belarusian authorities to accept this proposal. EU countries and public institutions are also encouraged to take on multibillion-dollar commitments to finance future reforms and economic restructuring.

574 deputies voted for the adoption of the resolution, 37 voted against, 82 deputies abstained. The adopted resolution belongs to the category of “non-binding”, it is of a recommendatory nature, and is not obligatory for implementation by the EU institutions and the governments of the member states, but serves as a political guideline for them.