Employees Of Enterprises Go On Strike, Join Solidarity Actions Across Belarus

On Thursday, 13 August, employees of various enterprises are joining solidarity actions across Belarus. Among them are MAZ, BELAZ, Grodnozhilstroy and others.

MAZ workers report that they are going to meet the plant management. “We do not know how it will end, a small number of people have agreed so far, we really hope that the rest will support us,” said one of the workers.

Grodnozhilstroy workers are on strike. Photo by Radio Liberty

Integral employees also report that they have gathered on the territory of the enterprise.

Today at 12 pm, BELAZ employees went to the central entrance to talk to the city and enterprise management. The workers demand, among other things, to show the results of the voting in Zhodino, to hold fair elections and to withdraw the OMON from the city.

BELAZ workers are on strike. Photo sent to TUT.BY by BELAZ employee

People are outraged that BELAZ buses were used by police to detain protesters. The participants also asked to show the protocols with the voting results, which were not made public at the polling stations. The mayor promised to meet today with the residents of the city at 8pm.  The KGB officers were spotted at the meeting.

The Grodno plant Terrazit has declared an indefinite strike, reports Sputnik Belarus.

The workers of Grodnozhilstroy gathered at the main building of the enterprise on Sovetskaya street. They do not recognize the election results and demand to stop violence against civilians, and free all detainees. People also ask the authorities to “find the strength and negotiate with the civilian population”.

MAPID workers formed a solidarity chain

A source in the MAPID said that the situation at the enterprise is tense. “90% are against violence and election results. Curators have already come, but it won’t keep people in terror. A good builder will always find a job, you won’t be intimidated by dismissal,” he says.

Today MAPID workers have also formed a chain of solidarity.

The Grodno company VIRPIL Controls, as well as their factory for the production of control systems and accessories for aircraft and space simulators (joysticks), have declared an indefinite strike. 135 people asserted their claims and did not go to work, co-founder and CEO of the company Andrey Lukyanov told dev.by.

More updates on the names and number of other state-run enterprises that joined solidarity actions or went on strike can be found in the Russian and original version of the article on TUT.BY.