Emergency Hospital Doctor: “Bondarenko Had 0 ‰ Of Alcohol, We Found Nothing”

On Friday, 13 November, the Investigative Committee of Belarus reported that Roman Bondarenko was diagnosed with “alcohol intoxication.” Emergency hospital doctors and medical documents refute this information.

“Roman had zero ‰ of alcohol, we found nothing,” said one of the doctors of the emergency hospital.

Roman Bondarenko died in hospital after being beaten. Photo: social media

Earlier in the day, the Investigative Committee reported that it is investigating the circumstances of the death of 31-year-old Roman Bondarenko

Minsker was examined by doctors, after which he was hospitalized, where during the initial examination, along with bodily injuries, he was diagnosed with alcohol intoxication,” it said in an official statement.

TUT.BY editorial staff has a document of primary medical examination, upon Bondarenko’s admittion to hospital. In addition to a closed cranial brain injury, acute subdural hematomas, bruises, abrasions, the diagnosis reads, “Alcohol intoxication? Aspiration pneumonia?”.

No alcohol was found in Roman Bondarenko’s blood, according to the final diagnosis

“This is a preliminary diagnosis. The patient was vomiting when admitted, now it is clear: this is because of a hematoma in his head. But it’s hard to say at the initial examination and without tests. When a person is a in stupor or coma, it is difficult to say why he is in such a state. Either he was hit on the head, or got drunk and fell into a coma. 

Therefore, alcohol intoxication is questionable, this is a preliminary diagnosis. These are our assumptions until we do the tests. And only after all the tests, an accurate diagnosis is made. Roman had zero ethanol in his final diagnosis, and there was no alcoholic intoxication,” explains the doctor.

Another medical document that refutes the words of the Investigative Committee

TUT.BY editorial staff is in pocession of the documents confirming the words of the doctor.

Recall that Roman Bondarenko, an active resident of the “courtyard of changes”, went out into the courtyard in the evening of 11 November, when unknown persons in masks arrived to cut off white-red-white ribbons hanging on a fence. At some point a fight ensued.

Eyewitnesses say that Roman was pushed and hit his head. Then the man was bundled in a minibus and taken away. An hour and a half later, he was taken to an emergency hospital with cerebral edema. The young man was in critical condition all day. In the evening, he passed away.

Suddenly, the evening in support of battered Roman Bondarenko at Changes Square turned into the evening in his memory. For more than five hours people people kept coming from all over the city to the courtyard on Chervyakova street-Smorgovsky tract, and were there until midnight.

Source: TUT.BY