Moment As Heavy Downpour Sweeps Away Village Road (Video)

The heavy downpour caused flash flooding in Konchany village in Berestovitsa district. Flood waters literally washed away a part of the road and gardens in a few minutes.

The area of collapse is two meters wide and about 25 meters long. Scroll down to watch the full video!

belarus downpour flood washes away road

Parts of the village were affected by flood waters during a heavy downpour last week as streets were submerged in flood waters. This is not the first time locals experience nature’s fury, but never on this scale.

The roadway has been strengthened by road workers, but experts say that this is a temporary solution. Soon the road will be fully repaired. The road was reopened to traffic only on one side of the street.

belarus downpour flood washes away road

“At the moment the road is marked with special signs and only one side of it can be used. This is a temporary solution. In the coming days, the road builders promise to restore everything.

The place had already been flooded before, but local residents can’t recall floods causing such destructions,” the representatives of the village council commented on the accident.

Watch video:

The Emergencies Ministry explained that drainage pipe didn’t cope with the volume of heavy rains water and water flow from the fields, this led to the washing down of the driveway and soil.

Source: TUT.BY, Video by instgram.com/cpbelarus