6 Startups At EMERGE Conference In Minsk That Can Change Our Future

A major event EMERGE Conference for tech geeks, nerds and those who actually make our world better took place in Minsk on 17-18 May.

Future is already here.

Over 100 investors, more than 40 awesome speakers, 1000 plus tech enthusiasts, IT-entrepreneurs, innovation community players from over 20 countries took part at EMERGE 2018.

Apart from such big names as Microsoft, Facebook, Dell, Bayer, Rybakov Fund, Flint Capital, the most promising early-stage startups competed in EMERGE challenge.

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Out of 200 applicants only 50 made it to the semi-finals and showed their products in such tracks as Blockchain, Creative Tech, Emerging and Enabling Tech, Philtech, Data&AI.

E-Contenta from Russia came out a winner of the competition and was awarded €5,000 cash prize.

The platform offers AI-driven content analytics and monetizable content distribution to the right audience.

It analyzes online behavior and predicts what a particular person would like to read, watch, listen and buy.

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9 startups reached the final, BelarusFeed picked just some of them to let you know what tech wonders await you in the near future.

Try. Fit is hardware technology for virtual try-ons of the footwear and purchasing.

Rehabot is an advanced rehabilitation exoskeleton glove for recovering fine motor skills.

ARRM.io – a self-learning framework for real-time gestural analysis

It provides high speed recognition with great accuracy using minimal hardware and minimal computing power.

Belarusian team DEIP is a decentralized research platform governed by and created for scientific community.

It provides the most progressive funding mechanisms, free open-access publishing, and advanced review system.

The reinvented wireless power outlet was presented by Meredot team from Ukraine.

The inventors call it the safest power socket in the world.

Other finalist startups include Posadi Les, WhiteChain, Woroom and Shop by Voice.