Opposition Female MP Set To Run For Presidency In 2020

Elena Anisim, MP and chairman of the Belarusian Language Society may join the next presidential election race, Euroradio reports.

Her decision was prompted by publications in the Russian media that “pose a threat to the independence of Belarus.”

elena anisim belarus election presidency

“What’s happening now implies: whether you keep hiding in the bushes and we (Russia – note BelarusFeed) will do whatever we want, dictate the supreme authority how to rule Belarus or you show yourself and take the fight,” she said on Wednesday, 30 January.

The politician also noted that she has no specific program yet and she made her final decision literally this morning. In her opinion, the society is ready for a female president ruling the country.

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“We also have Maryana Shchotkina, Natallya Kachanava, and other women holding positions in the ministries. It leads the society up to the fact that a woman can run for the highest office in the country and qualify for it,” the deputy said.

Anisim’s campaign will focus on strengthening the national identity of Belarusians through the expansion of the Belarusian culture and the Belarusian language.

Besides, the deputy expressed her readiness to consider the issue of liberalization in the country, including the education system. She also stated her willingness to become a single candidate of the political opposition.

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Recall that that deputy head of the Liberal Democratic Party Oleg Gaidukevich, one of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress Nikolay Statkevich, already announced their intention to run for the presidency.

The center-right coalition (UCP, BCD and Havary Praŭdu movement) will nominate its candidate after the primaries. Also, Havary Praŭdu and the BPF Party reportedly plan to nominate their candidates.