63-Year-Old Woman Accused Of Mass Riots For Round Dances In Brest

Elena Gnauk, a resident of the Tkachi village, who was repeatedly detained, fined and served administrative arrests in Brest for taking part in rallies, is now charged in a criminal case of mass riots, Brestskaya Gazeta reports.

On 13 September last year in Brest, a large-scale protest action that day ended with protesters dancing round dances at the intersection of Cosmonauts Boulevard and Masherov Avenue and their subsequent dispersal with a water cannon. Two days later, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the riots.

As stated in a decision to designate Elena Gnauk as an accused, the woman “in a group with other persons deliberately took an active part in group actions that grossly violate public order and involve obvious disobedience to the legitimate requirements of representatives of the authority or entail disruption of the work of transport, enterprises, institutions or organizations.”

According to the document, downtime cost a trolleybus city park 619 rubles 55 kopecks [$240 / €200], and a bus park – 40 rubles 37 kopecks [$15 / €13].