BYPOL Publishes Own Investigation, Names Those Allegedly Involved In Roman Bondarenko’s Death

BYPOL, a telegram channel of former investigators and law enforcers, conducted their own investigation into the death of Roman Bondarenko and published a detailed report on what happened to the young man in Changes Square [one of the most famous of the courtyard protest venues in Minsk –Ed. ], in a police department and in hospital.

BYPOL “reliably identified a group of people whose actions (inaction) in a specified criminal-legal situation require a legal assessment by initiating and conducting a preliminary investigation in a criminal case”. “More than two months have passed since the General Prosecutor’s Office, represented by the Deputy Head of the Department for Investigation of Particularly Important Criminal Cases, Senior Counselor of Justice Mikhail Shestopalov, is conducting an inquiry into the death of Roman Bondarenko. The progress of this inquiry is kept in the strictest confidence not only from the public but also from Roman’s mother. She officially filed a written application to initiate a criminal case into the death of her son,” BYPOL writes in its Telegram channel.

People who may be involved in Bondarenko’s death

BYPOL claims that it managed to track down those involved in the artist’s death by geolocating their mobile phones. Among them are Dmitry Baskov, Dmitry Shakuta, Natalia Eismont.
Anna Eismont, Pavel Volchek, Jeanette Volchek.

Also, BYPOL identified law enforcement officers who might have “contacted” Bondarenko that evening.

SOBR staff: Sarman Sergey Vasilievich, born November 24, 1983; Antyufeev Sergey Mikhailovich, born on June 5, 1977; Buykevich Oleg Igorevich, born on July 5, 1991; Savenko Roman Vitalievich, born on June 13, 1994; Timanovsky Evgeny Vladimirovich, born on June 23, 1990.

OMON officers: Kuleshov Ruslan Aleksandrovich, born on January 26, 1977; Krivoshein Roman Aleksandrovich, born on March 11, 1994.

Details of Bondarenko’s death

BYPOL describes in detail what happened to Roman Bondarenko in the evening when he was beaten and taken to the police station. According to the report, Roman was being taken away from Changes Square in a grey minibus with AB6682-6 plate numbers. Roman was “forcefully” pushed into the bus.“OMON officers brought Roman to the police station, they brought Bondarenko into a building, holding him by the arms and legs. By this time, Roman was in a serious state of health: he could not move or speak,” reads the report.

BYPOL also learned that that evening the police department called the ambulance three times. The first call from a police dispatch centre was registered at 11.04 pm – the law enforcement officers suspected that Roman’s was in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication. However, later they found out that Bondarenko was not drunk. The third call to the ambulance was at 11.08 pm: “Is he under the influence of alcohol? No, he doesn’t smell of alcohol at all! ” an employee of the police department responds to a question of an emergency medical care dispatcher.

According to the medical documents of the emergency hospital, the examination of Bondarenko in the admission department began only at 12.05 зь and was completed at 12.10 pm. Roman was admitted to the hospital unconscious. He was diagnosed with multiple punctate abrasions in the face, as well as contusions of the right auricle of the ear, soft tissues and both legs.

At the hospital, Roman underwent brain surgery. BYPOL concludes: “From the content of the audio recording of the conversation between the neurosurgeons who operated on Roman and his relatives, we can see that he received an extremely severe traumatic brain injury, which 5-7 years ago was classified by medical standards as incompatible with life.”

The conclusion made by the initiative only confirmed the suspicions of many Belarusians – the death of Roman Bondarenko was violent.

Source: BYPOL, KYKY.org