Poll: 89% Of Belarusians See The EU In Positive Or Neutral Light

89% of Belarusians have either a positive or a neutral image of the European Union (EU), an opinion survey by EU NEIGHBOURS east project has revealed.

Less than 10% of Belarusians have a negative opinion about the union.

“62% of Belarusians feel relations with the European Union are good – a significant rise (+12%) when compared to 2018,” the survey reads.

More Belarusians trust the EU than in 2018. Also, the number of Belarusians who trust the EU is slightly higher than the number of Belarusians who trust the EEU (51% vs 48%).

37% of Belarusians acknowledge the EU support, identifying Education (52%) and Culture (48%) as the two principal areas of assistance.

How Close Can Belarus And EU Really Get?

Just 41% of Belarusians see the support as effective, down 5% from last year, “possibly due to the slow progress on the consolidation of strategic relations and partnership with the EU.”

A similar survey was conducted in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. In general, 52% of EaP countries’ citizens see the EU in a positive light, which is 7% higher than in 2016.

50% of Georgians, 56% of Ukrainians, 55% of Moldovans, 46% of Azerbaijanis have a positive view of the EU. Overall, 67% of EaP citizens say relations between the EU and their country are ‘good.

Each year, the European Union’s EU Neighbours East project conducts a public opinion survey among Eastern Partnership countries.

It asks about general perceptions, understanding of values associated with the EU, the relations between the EU and their country.

Besides, it assesses awareness of financial support and its effectiveness, primary sources of information, general country evaluations and future expectations.

Source: TUT.BY