Early Voting Turnout In Belarus Is 22,47%, Observers Report Inflated Figures

An estimated 22,47% of voters turned out for the first three days of early voting ahead of the 9 August election in Belarus, the Central Election Commission (CEC) reports. Independent observers say that figures were inflated.

Early voting has started on 4 August and will last till 8 August. According to the CEC, the total number of 6,836,585 people were included in the electoral roll. On the first day of early voting, a total of 4,98% of voters reportedly came to the polls.

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On 4-6 August a total of 20,45 % of ballots were cast in Brest Oblast, 21,18% cast in Vitebsk Oblast, 30,22% in Gomel Oblast, 20,05% in Grodno Oblast, 20,84% in Minsk Oblast, 26,14% in Mogilev Oblast, and 18,89% in Minsk.

The Honest People platform analyzed the early voting turnout at 645 polling stations on 5 August. According to the data of precinct commissions for the second day of early voting, the total turnout was 66,937 voters. The independent observers counted 33,283 people at these sites per day.

At some polling stations on 5 August, the observers recorded the inflation of voter turnout by 5-10 times. At polling station No. 46 in Gomel, according to the commission, 5, 474 voters voted, although the observers counted only 42 voters per day.

The observers also noticed significant discrepancies in the data submitted at polling station No. 42. There were 180 voters according to the commission’s protocol, while the observers counted only 34 voters. Both sites are located in secondary school number 66.

Earlier, the Honest People platform shared data on the first day of early voting. According to the observers, the national average turnout in official protocols per day was overstated by about one and a half times, and at some polling stations – by almost eight times.