E-mails With Bomb Threats Sent To Belarus From Abroad, Police Says

E-mails with fake bomb threats are sent to Belarus from abroad, as a rule, from Western Europe or neighboring countries, a representative of high-tech crime detection department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told Belarusian media.

All of the messages sent in the past years proved fake, no explosives had been detected.

Police start criminal investigation following such threats.

What regards the latest cases, of 19 August, the investigation is underway, and cooperation with the relevant investigative departments in other countries is crucial for finding the perpetrators.

5 hotels and 2000 evacuees

Recall, two hotels in the capital of Belarus received e-mails with threats on 19 August. Lates, similar e-mails were sent to three more hotels, a railway station, the airport, a business center and several shopping malls in Minsk.

Police had to evacuate around 2000 people in the morning alone. All reports proved fake.