What, When And How You Can Buy Duty-Free Goods On Belavia Flights

Duty-free trade (alcoholic drinks and cigarettes) on board of planes of Belarusian airlines, i.e. Belavia, engaged in the international flights was given green light.

What, when and how what one will be able to buy while enjoying his/her flight, read in an interview with a Belavia Belarusian Airlines representative.

belavia belarus duty-free

  • When will passengers will be offered duty-free goods on Belavia planes?

We plan to start the sale of duty-free goods in test mode on 20 August.

  • Will duty-free goods will be available on all flights?

So far, duty-free goods can be bought only on six flights: to Antalya, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Larnaca, Milan and Barcelona. Later, we plan to increase the number of destinations.

  • How the process of shopping will be organized?

Onboard duty-free shopping will be carried out via an inflight brochure (and later via a catalog) featuring a diverse product range.

  • What can I buy?

There will be toys, snacks, drinks, perfumes, cosmetics, as well as tobacco and alcohol.

  • Can I pay by credit card onboard?

No, it’s cash only. One can pay in Belarusian, Russian rubles, dollars and euro.

  • And what about the prices?

Prices for goods will be the same as for the same goods in duty-free shops.

  • Do I need to show my passport to buy cigarettes and alcohol?

Yes. The rules are the same as at any other duty-free shop, showing the passport is compulsory.

  • Are there any limitations on the number of cigarettes and alcohol to buy?

A passenger will be able to purchase cigarettes or alcohol in accordance with the law of the country where he/she flies to.

  • Will there be a receipt for purchase?

Yes. All customers will be issued with receipts.

Source: TUT.BY