Right To Your Doorstep! Drones To Deliver Mail In Belarus

Don’t be surprised if you see a drone outside on your doorstep, while in Belarus!

Future is already here.


The Belarusian postal service will start a drone delivery program to carry mail in the near future.

The news was made public by Belarusian Communications and Informatization Minister Sergei Popkov at the 2nd Belarusian ICT Summit.

However, the officilal noted that highly likely drones will be used in critical locations, where ordinary mail services fail to work properly.

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“We are talking about mail services for logistics, online trade, and the financial system.

The company performs social functions among other things today,” added Sergei Popkov.

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Development of drone-based systems, as well as modernization of the state-run mail Belpochta is planned to be finished by 2020 year-end.

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The summit is apart of the 25th international forum on information and communication technologies TIBO 2018, which will last till 18 May.

Such tech trends as broadband access technologies, cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality are on the agenda.

Among others are blockchain technology, visualization technologies, 3D modelling, information security.

Source: BelTA