Driver Imprisoned For 11 Years For Dragging Traffic Policeman On Car Bonnet

Alexander Trotsky was accused of the attempted murder of a policeman. During last August rallies, his Skoda Kodiaq was stopped by “people with weapons, in balaclavas, dark clothes”, they ordered him to get out and open a trunk. Fearing for his life he refused to do so, and the men pointed guns at him in response. Trotsky got scared and tried to leave accidentally hitting a traffic police officer. Today, the Minsk city court sentenced the driver to 10 years of imprisonment in a maximum-security colony.

Last August Alexander Trotsky was driving home when his car was stopped by ten unknown men in balaclavas. They pointed guns at him and ordered him to get out of the vehicle, the 45-year-old businessman said he got scared and drove away.

The case in the Minsk City Court was considered by judge Sergei Khripach. The prosecution was represented by state prosecutor Anton Tyumentsev, the defence – by Evgeny Maslov. The prosecution claimed that Trotsky intentionally hit a traffic policeman with a car and tried to flee the scene. The officer was in a bulletproof vest, so he didn’t receive serious injuries, just abrasions and bruises

According to Trotsky, he didn’t hit the traffic policeman, on the contrary, it was the police officer who jumped on the trunk to stop his car. Alexander claims that during his arrest he was beaten up with batons, pepper-sprayed, and a gun was put into his mouth. In court, he pleaded not guilty and asked to acquit him. He stressed that he had no intention to harm anyone, he just feared for his life.

The injured traffic police inspector is 40-year-old Major Vladimir Yurov, he agreed with the prosecution, said that “if it were not for the bulletproof vest, the consequences would have been worse.” Yurov filed a claim for material compensation in the amount of BYN 20,000. During the debate, the prosecutor announced that Trotsky’s guilt was proven, and asked to imprison him for a term of 11 years in a maximum-security colony. The prosecution asked the court to rule for the plaintiff on the principles of rationality and justice.

In turn, the defence attorney of the accused focused on significant contradictions in the testimony of the victim and witnesses that they gave during the preliminary investigation, noted that their words differ from the data recorded by CCTV cameras. The lawyer believes that there is no evidence of his client’s guilt and therefore asked to acquit him. Today, the Minsk City Court issued a verdict: Alexander Trotsky was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to 10 years in prison with serving a sentence in a high-security colony. In addition, he must pay the injured traffic police inspector BYN 10,000 for damages.

Source: TUT.BY