UK Foreign Secretary Calls On Belarusian Authorities To Release Imprisoned Journalists

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called on the Belarusian authorities to release the detained journalists. 

The Foreign Secretary also urged to drop all charges against journalists. The politiciam noted that reporters are imprisoned in order to silence them and prevent the dissemination of information about a violation of rights and freedoms of the Belarusian people.

As of today there are 12 journalists behind bars in Belarus for either an administrative or criminal offence: TUT.BY journalist Katerina Borisevich, TUT.BY and Novy Chas journalist Aleksandra Kvitkevich, Belsat journalists Katerina Andreeva and Daria Chultsova, BelaPAN journalists Maksim Lavretsky, Yulia Kotskaya, Andrei Shavlyugo, Andrei Ryabchik, journalists Oleg Gruzdilovich, Igor Kornei, Marina Kastylyanchenko and Katerina Medvedeva.

According to the calculations of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, 390 journalists became victims of repression during the elections and the post-election period, and this is not only about detentions, 77 of them were subjected to administrative arrests.

Belarusian human rights activists recognized Katerina Borisevich, Yekaterina Andreeva and Daria Chultsova, detained on a criminal charge, as political prisoners. On Tuesday Amnesty International declared Borisevich a prisoner of conscience, as she has been arrested and put under criminal proceedings for publishing information on the controversial death of protester Roman Bondarenko.

Source: TUT.BY