Top EU Dilpomat Speaks On €35 Schengen Visas For Belarusians

Head of the EU Delegation in Minsk Dirk Schuebel has assured that visa facilitation between the EU and Belarus won’t be protracted, ONT TV channel reports.

“I think that the good news, they will come. I cannot say exactly when the agreement will enter into force. But I assure you that the process will not drag on for a long time, ” said Schuebel.

According to the diplomat, the European Union has been already working on the agreement for some time now.

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“This is a rather long and difficult process, which needs a lot of democracy. So far, the EU includes 28 countries, the members should take into account all the mechanisms in both internal and external relations. When we carry out all the procedures, we will be happy to sign an agreement to reduce the cost of single and multiple Schengen visas to €35, ” added the diplomat.

Recall that last month Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko decided to sign an agreement on visa facilitation and readmission with the EU.

The European Commission submitted the signing of an agreement on visa facilitation with Belarus to the European Parliament and the European Council for consideration and approval.

And after that, the EU Council must make a decision by qualified majority. Only after all domestic procedures are completed, Minsk and Brussels sign the document.

Negotiations between the EU and Belarus on visa facilitation have been going on for over a year. Once the agreement is signed the visa to Schengen area states for Belarusians will cost €35.