Deputy Interior Minister: “We Will Win This War, President Is With Us, God Is With Us”

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus and Commander of the Internal Troops Nikolai Karpenkov said in an interview with Grigory Azarenok on the STV TV channel that if the opposition crosses the line, the security forces will cross it too.

Grigory Azarenok asked Nikolai Karpenkov to comment on the recently released video showing blogger Sergei Tikhanovsky at a meeting with Alexander Lukashenko in the KGB pre-trial detention centre, where he said that “after him, there will be questions to Kolya [Lukashenko’s youngest son – Ed.]”. The deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that he has never met “such scumbags, such absolutely arrogant, reckless, bulls” before.

“Even thugs have a concept of honour. They live by their own rules, they don’t threaten a policeman or his family. If you do everything according to the law, the thugs respect this because there is a line that cannot be crossed. If they do, we can do it too. They understand perfectly well that we will win this war because we are state people, the country is with us, the president is with us, God is with us.”

“We’ll Find And Destroy Them.” Deputy Interior Minister On How They Will Deal With Opposition

Nikolai Karpenkov previously headed the GUBOPiK and took an active part in suppressing the protest movement last year. On November 19, 2020, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and replaced Yuri Nazarenko as commander of the internal troops.

Source: TUT.BY