Depeche Mode Frontman Recovered From Hospital In Minsk After Show Gets Cancelled On Monday

Depeche Mode fans cried their hearts out when it was announced yesterday that the show in Minsk was cancelled because frontman Dave Gahan had been hospitalized with an intestinal disorder.

The announcement came one hour before the concert was due to start.

According to local media, the musucian was sent to one of the hospitals in Minsk because of digestive problems at 15:30.

At 6 p.m. it was clear that Dave Gahan would not be able to perform.

“We regret to inform that Dave Gahan is suffering from intestinal disorder. Doctors of hospital No9 have informed us he won’t be able to perform tonight”, the organizers announced as the fans were gathering near Minsk Arena, where the show was due to take place on Monday. Video: TUT.BY

People refused to believe the news, TUT.BY wrote.

Some DM fans switched on the band’s hits on their smartphones and started singing and dancing along:

Video: TUT.BY

On Tuesday morning, Dave Gahan was released from hospital.

The doctors say that his condition is satisfactory.

The hospital didn’t disclose details of treatment, but sources in medical circles told the media DM frontamn suffered from mesenteric adenitis.

“They made ultrasound and all the necessary tests. The artist was treated by professional of highest qualification. Ultrasound revealed no pathology. Doctors noted that for his 55 years, Gahan in very good shape,” the source said.

This should not prevent the musician from performing in the next show on 19 July.

Depeche Mode is next scheduled to perform Wednesday night in Kiev, Ukraine.

As for the Minsk show, the organizers kindly asked the fans to wait for the solution.

“We are currently looking at all options to reschedule this show for later in the tour. We expect to be able to give an update on this within the next week.

Some fans were lucky enough to meet Depeche Mode near the hotel earlier on Monday

We ask all fans holding tickets for tonight’s show to stand by for further information regarding the rescheduling of the show and/or refunds,” they said on Monday.

Some Depeche Mode fans spent $1,500-2,000 to come to see the show in Minsk from other countries.