Death Penalty, Relations With Russia And Europe. 4 Highlights From Lukashenko’s Meeting With Media

The state can’t go against nation’s will in the matter of death penalty, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko stated at the meeting with the media in Buda-Koshelevo last week.

Despite European countries repeatedly called on Belarus to ban the death penalty, the president stands his ground and is not going to change the state’s view on the matter in the near future.

“I can not overrule the decision taken by the people. Should we want to do so, then we must hold a referendum.

If we take this issue to a referendum, I don’t need to tell you what the result will be. You know it yourselves,” the Belarusian leader said.

Europe may turn to death penalty

Recalling numerous terrorist attacks in Europe the president noted that the death penalty is viewed by many as the best option to stop criminals and terrorists.

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Moreover, Alexander Lukashenko even assumed that Europeans may learn from our country experience one day.

Why don’t you pressure USA?

When at the meeting with the German foreign minister, the head of state expressed his bewilderment with Europe’s urges to abolish death penalty in Belarus and not doing it in other regions.

“With regard to death penalty, I asked him a question: you are big friends with some countries in the Middle East and other regions, the United States.

Why do not you ask them the things that you want from Belarus? He would not answer. Therefore, I think we will come to an agreement in this regard,” the president said.

Belarus is Europe’s safety sponsor

The president once again stressed that there are a lot of security-related issues in the world and in the region where Belarus

“Today Belarus is a quiet, orderly, dignified country, a sort of sponsor of security for the European continent and its status keeps growing.

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We see, we hear, we appreciate it and we will always go halfway to accommodate the interests of the European states.

We will keep doing it if we are not forced to choose (as it was before, not anymore) between Russia or Europe,” he said.

We don’t choose brothers

“Russians are our brothers. Are they good or bad? You do not choose brothers. They may not like us in some things either. But we are kindred people.

Therefore, there is no asking us the question who you are with. We will be friends with Europe, we will be working with Europe, but Russia is dear and very important to us,” the president concluded.

Sources: TUT.BY, BelTA