Darya Domracheva Wins Her 32nd Victory At World Cup

Darya Domracheva has won tight 10km pursuit race in the Biathlon World Cup at Oslo, Norway.

This is 32nd victory in her career at the World Cup stages!

A last-gasp attack of the Belarusian sport star saw her securing victory in 30:37.4 minutes with a shooting total of two.

Darya pulled away from Anastasiya Kuzmina, being 9.2 seconds ahead of her rival from Slovakia who totalled four.

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Olympic gold medallist was 29.5 seconds ahead of American Susan Dunklee who took third place with a total of two.

This is 32nd victory for Darya in her sports career.

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More victories at the World Cup stages belong only to Magdalena Neuner from Germany (34) and Magdalena Forsberg from Sweden (42).

Shortly after the race the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko congratulated Darya Domracheva on her spectacular victory:

“It was beautiful, impressive, and, most importantly, an encouraging race.”

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Darya has been competing in the Biathlon World Cup since 2006.

In the 2014–2015 season Domracheva won the Overall World Cup title with 1092 points, 48 points more than second and twice winner Kaisa Mäkäräinen.

At the 2018 Winter Olympics she won a gold medal in the 4x6km relay and a silver medal in the mass start competition.