Darya Domracheva Retires From Biathlon, Shares Her Plans For Future

Darya Domracheva announced her retirement from biathlon during a press conference at the National Olympic Committee of Belarus on 25 June.

Forever in our hearts.

dary domracheva

Final decision

“It was hard for me to make the decision. I was thinking a lot and I think the time has come for me to dot all the i’s.

I tried to reach a compromise and balance my family and my sport career.

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Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the solution to reconcile these two important things in my life.

My decision is well thought through and a tough one. I decided to retire,” four-time Olympic champion said.

With gratitude

“I will never forget my time in sport.

dary domracheva

I would like to thank all those who stood by my side through all these years and helped my achievements happen – my first coaches, and even cooks at the training facilities.

I am deeply thankful to my fans whose support I felt during every performance and victory.

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I am thankful to reporters who helped my fans and the audience enjoy my accomplishments.

I am thankful to my country because when winning I knew that these were not only my victories but the victories of the entire Belarus,” she said.

Future plans

“At the moment, I don’t plan to continue my sports career as a coach.

dary domracheva

I’m going to take a break from that fast pace of life I have been living since I was six.

There are ideas, but it is too early to make them public,” the Belarusian legendary biathlete said.

Bjoerndalen’s involvement

Darya and her husband Ole Einar Bjoerndalen took decision about retirement together.

“My husband would have supported me whatever my choice, including a decision to go on with my career.

However, if I stayed in sport, I would distress myself, I would distress my baby and I would not be able to show the result that I wanted,” Darya Domracheva said.

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Domracheva and a retired Norwegian professional biathlete have daughter Xenia who was born in Minsk in 2016.

Now, Darya Domracheva is determined to focus on her family.

Sources: TUT.BY, belTA