BREAKING: Prosecutor General’s Office Initiates Criminal Investigation On Roman Bondarenko’s Death

The Prosecutor General’s Office initiated a criminal investigation on the fact of causing grievous bodily harm that led to the death of Roman Bondarenko. The agency notified Elena Bondarenko, the mother of the young man, about it. Later, the Prosecutor General’s Office confirmed this information through its press service.

Elena Bondarenko told TUT.BY that she had a telephone conversation with a representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office. The woman was informed that a criminal case was opened on the fact of deliberate assault and causing grievous bodily harm, which negligently caused the death of her son [part 3 of Art. 147 of the Criminal Code of Belarus].

This crime is punishable by imprisonment for a term of 5 to 15 years. Shortly afterwards, the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office confirmed this information in an official press release. There is also the following clarification: “The involvement of employees of the internal affairs bodies in causing bodily harm to Roman Igorevich Bondarenko has not been established.”

Next week, according to Elena Bondarenko, she was invited to the Prosecutor General’s Office to draw up the necessary documents so that she was finally recognized as a victim in the case.

“Three months have passed since Roma’s death …”, the woman added.

What happened to Roman Bondarenko

31-year-old Roman Bondarenko, who lived in Change Square area, died in hospital on the evening of 12 November last year, after being first beaten and taken into a white minibus by unknown men in masks. Then he was taken to the Central District Department of Internal Affairs and then to hospital with serious injuries. Doctors said that Roman Bondarenko had practically no chance of survival.

Alexander Lukashenko, commenting on the death of Roman, said that the man was drunk, and the Prosecutor General’s Office insists on this version too. A criminal case has been opened against the doctor who examined Bondarenko and later told journalists that Bondarenko’s tests showed no alcohol in blood, he was detained, as was the journalist of TUT.BY Katerina Borisevich, who wrote the article.