Criminal Case Opened Against Coordination Council On Power Transition In Belarus

Belarusian opposition leaders established a council to coordinate a new presidential election and arrange a peaceful transition of power. Alexander Lukashenko ignored the proposal and accused them of attempting to “seize power.” Soon, Prosecutor General Alexander Koniuk initiated a criminal case against the Coordination Council.

On 20 August, Belarus Prosecutor General Aleksandr Konyuk stated that a criminal case was opened against the Coordination Council. Its members are accused of establishing a political body to organise the transition of power from the current head of state.

According to the official, setting up such bodies is not envisaged in law and is unconstitutional. Besides, he noted that this will harm the national security of the country.

On 21 August, several members of the National Coordination Council were summoned to the Investigative Committee. Among them are Viktor Babriko’s lawyer Maxim Znak and leader of the MTZ strike committee Sergey Dylevsky. None of them were accused or detained yet.

The Coordinating Council sees no violation of the law in its proposals to resolve the situation in the country. Earlier, Maxim Znak commented on the statement of the Prosecutor General to initiate a criminal case against the Coordination Council.

“We did everything openly and transparently, everything is published and is in the documents of the Council.We do not see any violation of the law in this: on the contrary, we see legal actions aimed at restoring the rule of law in the country. If this is a crime, then we have big problems with the rule of law in our country,” he said.

The Coordination Council reaffirmed that its goals and the ways of achieving them are clearly stated in the regulations and the adopted resolution.

“All goals and methods are legal, based on the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. The members of the Coordination Council don’t call for the seizure of state power, or forcible change of the constitutional order of the Republic of Belarus, or treason against the state, terrorism or sabotage, or other actions aimed at causing harm to the national security of the Republic of Belarus,” the council stressed.

Source: TUT.BY