Sarcastic COVID-Inspired Graffiti About Healthcare Ministry Appears In Brest

Satirical street art about the Healthcare Minsitry of Belarus and its reaction the coronavirus pandemic appeared in the centre of Brest. Although it didn’t stay there long.

The drawing appeared on the wall of a non-residential building on Internatsionalnaya Street. The author of the artwork is unknown. A few hours after the photo of graffiti wound up all over the telegram channels on Wednesday, 20 May, the ironic sticker disappeared.

belarus brest coronavirus street art graffiti

Photo: Maya Kraina Belarus Telegram channel

While the unknown artist left his work without explanation, some suggested that it explicitly hints at how the ministry informs Belarusians about the COVID-19 situation in the country. On closer look, the picture shows three monkeys with the signs before them.

The signs read Lead Clinician for Infectious Diseases of the Healthcare Ministry Igor Karpov, Healthcare Minister Vladimir Karanik and Deputy Chief Physician of Belarus’ National Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health Irina Glinskaya.

belarus brest coronavirus street art graffiti

Photo: TUT.BY reader

First, the agency turned their reports into puzzles, then it refused to give the number of health workers who died of the infection and, finally, it just stopped holding briefings and streams. Recall that the last press conference with journalists was held on 17 April.

There was also a briefing on 24 April, but journalists were not allowed to ask questions. Deputy Minister Elena Bogdan made a brief statement describing the situation as controllable, and since then the Ministry of Health has been silent.

Source: TUT.BY