COVID-19 Second Wave In Belarus: Serious Increase As 613 New Cases Confirmed

As of 15 October, 85,734 people were diagnosed in Belarus with COVID-19, according to the telegram channel of the Healthcare Ministry. The daily increase is 613 new cases.

78,583 patients recovered and were discharged, whose diagnosis of COVID-19 was previously confirmed (365 per day). A total of 2,144,544 tests were conducted in Belrua (25,728 per day). A total of 916 coronavirus patients have died (+ five people in the 24 hours) since the outbreak. Belarus has conducted 1,835,232 tests (+9,751 in the 24 hours).

The Healthcare Ministry stated that the second wave of coronavirus has also started in Belarus. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has no plans to introduce distance learning at schools. At the same time, the Healthcare Ministry says that citizens who have recovered from COVID-19 during the spring wave has immunity.

The recommendations of doctors on social distancing, wearing protective masks, washing hands or using antiseptic, as well as staying at home and calling doctor at the first signs of acute viral respiratory infections are still in force. They also urge Belarusians to reduce the number of contacts outside the home and at work by 75%, and at work – by 25%.

Source: TUT.BY