COVID-19 In Belarus: 39,859 Infected, Daily Increase Over 900 Cases

As of 28 May, 39,859 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Belarus (+902 in the past 24 hours), the Healthcare Ministry reports

A total of 16,660 patients recovered and were discharged from hospitals (+737 in the 24 hours). 219 coronavirus patients (+5 in the 24 hours) have died since the outbreak in the country.

Recall that for the first time in the last three weeks, the number of new cases fell below 900 (897) and almost equaled the number of recovered (837) on 27 May. Today, it is over 900 infected people again. Belarus has performed 499,249 tests (13,715 in the past 24 hours).

Thus, 6,5% of all the tests showed positive results for the coronavirus infection. Lithuanian professor Saulius Čaplinskas believes that the country is starting to cope with the epidemic, when the percentage of positive test results per day is 3% or less.

COVID-19 in Belarus: infected, recovered and deaths

belarus coronavirus covid-19 updates

Sources: TUT.BY. Johns Hopkins University, the Belarusian Healthcare Ministry

There was no peak in the incidence of coronavirus infections in Belarus and never will be: after reaching the plateau a gradual decrease in the number of cases is expected. Local health authorities expect the steady reduction in COVID-19 cases in late May-early June.

The WHO experts point out the need to strengthen measures of physical distancing at individual, community and national levels in Belarus and gave a list of recommendations. Despite the fact that Belarus has reportedly reached a plateau, the recommendations of the Healthcare Ministry also remain the same.

The number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases:

the average number over the past 7 days, new cases

belarus coronavirus covid-19 updates

Sources: Johns Hopkins University, the Belarusian Healthcare Ministry

Irina Glinskaya, the Deputy Chief Physician of Belarus’ National Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health, says: “Recommendations persist on social distancing, which includes remote work, and wearing masks where there may be sources of infection.

The Healthcare Ministry will inform if there is no need for preventive measures. So far, the situation dictates that these measures must be adhered to, and the rate of decrease in the number of new cases will depend on how we implement these measures.”